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Terms and Conditions

1. Cape Town Scooter Hire reserves the right to alter all rates and conditions of hire in this agreement and to hire scooters at its own discretion.
2. To book a scooter a booking deposit of R100 for a one day booking is charged and a booking deposit of R500 for a multi day booking is charged to secure the scooter for the date. This deposit is then taken off the rental payment on the day that the rent starts or is paid. Any cancellation for one day bookings need to be made a week in advance and cancellations for multi-day bookings needs to be made 2 weeks in advance to avoid losing the booking deposit. A small administration fee will be charged on cancellation should cancelations be made before the cut off date.
3. All rates exclude fuel used.The Scooter is supplied with a full tank and costs to refill the tank of completion of hire will be charged to the client.
4. All scooters are subject to 100km per day free. Additional kilometers will be charged at a rate of R2.00 per km.
5. The Driver of hired scooters must be in possession of a valid, un-endorsed motorcycle drivers license acceptable to South African authorities. All drivers must be not less then 21 years old.
6. A refundable deposit of R 2000.00 per hire is required prior to commencement of hire.
7. The hirer’s signature of the rental agreement indicates : that the Cape Town Scooter Hire terms and conditions of business are understood and accepted by the hirer. That the hirer has checked that the scooter being hired is safe top use and in good working condition. No cash refunds will be entertained after delivery of the bike.
8. Insurance is provided by Cape Town Scooter Hire for third party, damage and theft. The minimum deductable amount is set at R 2000,00 and each and all claims equal to or less then the minimum deductable will be for the immediate responsibility of the hirer.
9. The hired scooter shall be returned back to Cape Town Scooter Hire in the same Condition in which it was rented, fair wear and tear exempted. Fair wear and tear shall consist exclusively of all reasonable mechanical wear to the engine, transmission, brakes and tyres. Costs for repairs outside of fair wear and tear, including cosmetic body damage to the scooter, will be deducted from the deposit lodged with Cape Town Scooter Hire.
10. Scooters hired are to be used in compliance with any local traffic rules and Regulations as may be applicable. The hirer will be responsible for paying all traffic violation fines, whether knowingly or otherwise, during the period of hire.
11. The hirer shall use the Scooter entirely at his/her own risk and agrees that Cape Town Scooter Hire will not accept any responsibility or be held accountable for any loss, injury or death as a result of, or leading from the hire of any of the scooters by any person.
12. Cape Town Scooter Hire will not be held responsible for any loss or damage to any Property arising from use of or storage within the scooters on hire.
13. The period of rental shall take place as indicated on the rental agreement – Any extension of the hire duration must be made known to Cape Town Scooter hire and will carry additional costs as per our tarrif structure.
14. The Hirer agrees not to use the scooters on hire for conveyance of goods or persons For financial gain or for the purpose of any speed trial, race or contest. The hirer furthermore agrees to use the scooter in accordance with its design and specifications and not to alter the scooter in any way.
15. The Hirer and passenger are obliged under South African traffic regulations to always wear helmets whilst riding.
16. The hirer may not use the scooter if he/she is over the legal limit of alcohol intake or Under the influence in any way of drugs or intoxicating substances of any nature.
17. The hirer agrees not to use the scooter for extended trips outside the Cape Peninsular area and Cape Winelands area without the express permission of Cape Town Scooter Hire. The hirer furthermore agrees not to allow use of the scooters by any third party during the period of hire.
18. The hirer hereby agrees to supply Cape Town Scooter Hire with all information as As required to conclude rental arrangements and furthermore warrants that such information is true and correct. Supply of false or misleading information or any attempt by the hirer to enter into a fraudulent agreement will result in a breach of contract.
19. All deliveries are subject to availability and bookings for deliveries need to be made at least 24 hours in advance.


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